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Veterans’ Stories

  • Eileen Barkstedt and her mother Eleanor Platz, a real life “Rose the Riveter” during World War II who made “dog tags” worn by soldiers. Woman dubbed “Rosie the Riveter” Receives VA Pension - By Brittany Mannings   Rosie the Riveter was an image that represented the hard working women who took the place of men in the industrial labor force during the war. As men enlisted in the military in large numbers, women kept up production by working in factories. Today, these women dubbed “Rosie Read More
  • Ivanette Goodrich Oh Say Can She See! - by Kent Ansorge “It has given me a whole new life,” says Ivanette Goodrich, about the VetAssist Program, which helps disabled veterans or their surviving spouses. Ivanette, age 90 from Sebastian, Florida struggles with severe vision loss and some very serious eye problems. She has had five eye surgeries, including corneal transplants Read More
  • Michael and Olga Sharon circa 1941, WWII era ©Photo property of Sharon Family. Veteran Recalls Drinking Hitler’s Wine and More - Drinking Hitler’s wine, Michael Sharon, far left with his army buddies. ©Photo property of Sharon Family.   Since January of this year, Michael Sharon’s retirement includes regular visits from home aide Olivia thanks to the VetAssist Program - and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Like many veterans, Michael Sharon visits the Read More
  • Joe Earl Gorbet – Married 71 Years and Living at Home Together - How many couples do you know who are celebrating 71 years of marriage and live in their own home? With the VetAssist Program from Veterans Home Care, Joe and Lee Gorbet, married in 1946, are still enjoying their home in Lubbock, Texas. Utilizing the services of the VetAssist Program, Joe at 95 Read More
  • George Alfred Gross – Drafted into the Military Instead of Major League Baseball - by Kent Ansorge George Alfred Gross grew up in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan and loved to play baseball.  He was a third baseman and outfielder and played ball for four years in high school and one year at Huntington College. His dream was to be drafted Read More
  • Arthur Jaron – A Teenage Son’s Bravery and a Mother’s Concern - Veterans Home Care is proud to be able help our veterans who defended our homeland. One such person is Arthur Jaron. Mr. Jaron wanted to join the fight so badly that he doctored his birth certificate so he could enlist when he was actually only 17. When his mother found out, she Read More

Veterans Home Care is looking to tell your story.

Do you have a memorable event that happened to you while you were in the service that you would like to share with other veterans and their families? It can be a story that brings a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. We want to share your personal experience with as many people as possible because it is not only important to you but to all Americans. Wars are won by the thousands of individual actions taken by the soldiers, sailors and pilots in the U.S. Armed Forces both on the battlefield and off. Please send us your story so that we will never forget about the huge price that is paid everyday by people like you to keep this country free.
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