Working with Veterans Home Care

ALL professionals who work with Veterans Home Care have the satisfaction of KNOWING they’re helping veteran families.

Veterans Home Care has more than 15 years experience successfully helping elderly disabled veterans or their spouses receive the care they deserve. We also help home care providers by working collaboratively to enroll new clients, or retain clients who need the pension to continue receiving home care.

  • An estimated two million veterans or their surviving spouses are eligible for the VA’s “Aid & Attendance” pension valued at $22 billion per year, but only one-third of elderly veterans even know it exists! Veterans Home Care works with social workers, discharge planners, rehab specialists, home health professionals and other home care providers to identify these individuals and help them apply for the benefit.
  • Veterans Home Care contracts with home care providers whose caregivers are placed in clients’ homes. You can gain or retain clients who would otherwise be unable to afford your services.
  • Veterans Home Care helps home care providers improve the bottom line: We have helped thousands of clients to access home care dollars from the VA.
  • Veterans Home Care stays involved with clients; we help them remain in compliance with VA regulations for the maximum allowable pension − so they can continue to receive quality care and remain in their own homes.

Veterans Home Care contracts with home care providers whose caregivers are placed in clients’ homes. Our contracted rate with providers benefits everyone: providers see added volume of clients and savings in administrative costs; clients receive care they couldn’t otherwise afford and remain in their own homes.

Clients can pay for their home care with an interest-free loan from Veterans Home Care and repay the loan from their VA reimbursement, once the pension is approved. Veterans Home Care pays providers regularly, both before and after clients begin receiving their pension. There are no up-front costs to clients.

As a VetAssist® Program Partner you can help wartime veterans or their surviving spouses – potential clients whose home care expenses could be paid through the “Aid & Attendance” pension.

If you have a client who could benefit from our services, please use our online referral form. If you have questions or would like to learn more about becoming a VetAssist® Program Partner, use the form below.