Starting Home Care Right Away with an Interest Free Loan from Veterans Home Care

One of the best features of the VetAssist Program is the no-cost, interest-free loan that allows VetAssist clients to begin home care right away.  Clients use anticipated funds from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to repay the loan. While there are many outstanding Veteran Service Organizations that help veteran families with VA claims, they do not typically provide free loans while the VA claim is processed.

Care starts right away

Instead of waiting for the Veterans Benefits Administration to process their application for a VA Pension with Aid and Attendance and funding to begin, VetAssist clients receive an interest-free loan to pay for in-home care or adult day care.

Available VA funds pay back the interest-free loan

When the VA approves the claim application, our clients receive VA funds retroactively from the date their application was filed. Only then is our VetAssist client asked to re-pay the loan for home care or adult day care. So even though clients receive a monthly bill for their contracted home care from one of our network providers, they do not need to make a payment until they begin receiving their VA Pension.

How long does it take the VA to process a claim?

According to the website as of 7/7/2018, the average time for compensation, pension, and survivor benefit claims submitted to the Veterans Benefits Administration takes 96.9 to 101 days (about 3 months) to be processed. However, VetAssist Program clients don’t have to wait that long for care.

What if my claim is denied by the VA?

We have helped more than 15,000 veterans and surviving spouses successfully file their claim for the VA Pension with Aid and Attendance. 

If you have provided us with complete information regarding your financial situation and military service and we have helped you fill out the applications, and the Department of Veterans Affairs has denied your claim due to your medical condition, you will not be held responsible to repay your loan.

The cost of home care or adult day care is covered by the VA Pension with Aid and Attendance.

The retroactive VA funds can be used to repay the loan which paid the cost of home care services incurred. That is how we deliver home care or adult day care with no out-of-pocket costs to a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran.