The Key Difference in Veterans Home Care Assistance for Those Over and Under 65

Veterans home care assistance is available through the VA’s Aid and Attendance Benefit program. This is a program that was developed after World War I and was designed to help those veterans struggling to tend to their own basic care.

There are a number of stipulations with regard to this Aid and Attendance benefit and a veteran must meet all of the qualifying criteria in order to be considered for this pension program. The pension would be intended to pay for home care for the veteran. The veteran would be able to hire whomever he or she wanted and the money could be paid to a family member caring for him or her as well.

The Aid and Attendance pension program is available to veterans of any age, however there are significant differences when it comes to a veteran under the age of 65 and one who is 65 or over.

For the veteran who is under the age of 65 and is applying for the Aid and Attendance pension program, he or she would need to have been disabled during a time of active duty service. This does not mean that the veteran would have had to have been injured during a time of combat, but that they would have been injured to the point of disability during service and requires home care while they were on active duty.

For the veteran who is 65 years of age or older, they do not have to have been injured during their time of service. What they need to be able to show is a direct need for home care. The VA accepts doctor letters and recommendations for home care in order to determine whether the veteran qualifies for the Aid and Attendance pension.

For veterans 65 years of age or older, their spouses may also qualify for financial assistance to pay for home care. This includes widows of veterans who would have normally qualified for the Aid and Attendance benefit.

If you are a veteran or know of a veteran who requires some type of home care, and if their income qualifies them to receive financial assistance through the Aid and Attendance pension program, contact Veterans Home Care for assistance in completing the application process.

For more information and to learn about Veterans Home Care Visits, contact Veteran’s Home Care at (888) 314-6075.

Bonnie Laiderman, CEO

Bonnie Laiderman, founder of Veterans Home Care®, has helped more than 20,000 veterans and their spouses receive in-home care through the unique VetAssist® Program. Started in 2003 as a one-woman operation, Bonnie has overseen the growth of the company to become the national leader and unparalleled experts in VA Aid and Attendance benefits for home care. Veterans Home Care has also earned the Better Business Bureau's Torch Award for Ethics and Inc. 5000 award of fastest-growing companies seven times. Now with offices coast-to-coast, Veterans Home Care serves our veterans in 48 states throughout the country.
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