How to Find the Best Veterans Home Care Provider

Dana wanted the best for her father. Throughout most of her life, she knew that her father had served during the Korean War, but he rarely talked much about his service. Before her mother passed away from cancer, she had confided to Dana that her father had been in heated battles, had lost many friends, and it was just too much for him to talk about. Because she knew when he served, Dana was confident that he would be eligible for the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit, which would help cover some of the expenses for veterans home care.

There really is no difference between any other type of elderly home care and veterans home care, aside from the fact that the senior who requires assistance once served his or her country during a time of war.

What Dana wanted to know while she was waiting to hear back from the VA about whether her father’s application for the Aid and Attendance pension was how to find the best caregiver.

She was a determined woman who knew what she wanted and she wanted the best possible care for her father. She wanted to know that he was going to be cared for, that he was going to have someone who knew how to provide the best care for him, and someone who would respect him and the service that he gave to his country.

She knew that her father had seen a lot during his many years. He had seen the way that his countrymen turned their back on the military during the Vietnam War. He saw how the government cut pensions to veterans. He saw the transformation during the first Gulf War. And now that he needs the care, she wants to be sure that he gets the right support.

The best way to find the right level of care is to understand what your loved one requires. For Dana, her father has trouble with some basic care. He struggles to get dressed in the morning when his arthritis is really bad. He worries about slipping in the shower. And he has trouble making something to eat from time to time. For Dana’s father, he needs a basic level of care, so she found someone who had experience working with elderly veterans who required home care.

When you care about your loved one, you want them to have the best. For our veterans, they deserve the best.

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Bonnie Laiderman, CEO

Bonnie Laiderman, founder of Veterans Home Care®, has helped more than 20,000 veterans and their spouses receive in-home care through the unique VetAssist® Program. Started in 2003 as a one-woman operation, Bonnie has overseen the growth of the company to become the national leader and unparalleled experts in VA Aid and Attendance benefits for home care. Veterans Home Care has also earned the Better Business Bureau's Torch Award for Ethics and Inc. 5000 award of fastest-growing companies seven times. Now with offices coast-to-coast, Veterans Home Care serves our veterans in 48 states throughout the country.
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