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Father’s Day Ideas for Senior Dads

Adult children with their older adult father who is an army veteran.

Need Father’s Day ideas for senior dads? Is your Dad a senior who doesn’t need a necktie or who maybe even struggles to get out to a ball game?

There are lots of ways to honor him on his special day.

  1. Watch a game on TV together—he may really enjoy watching the game with his son or daughter more than those pricey box seats.
  2. What about a movie? Ask him what his favorite flick is, then find it on DVD, cable or Netflix and watch it together.
  3. Celebrate with a family dinner or lunch. If Dad can’t come over, bring it to him.
  4. Photo gifts can be fun. Consider a family photo in a frame or multiple family photos on a digital frame. Digital frames that play slideshows automatically start around $30. Coffee mugs or blankets can also be personalized with family photos. Hint: photos of Dad back in the day are really appreciated and fun for the grandkids.
  5. Pamper Dad by doing a chore or two that your senior father isn’t able to do anymore. Perhaps help with an electronic gadget—setting up a contact list on his phone, downloading reading material or a podcast that he can listen to on a computer, tablet or desktop. Or for the technically challenged dad, just make sure he understands how to access cable TV features that he may have. Wait… that brings us to # 6.
  6. Would Dad like a subscription to Netflix or some additional cable TV stations? Subscriptions are great Father’s Day ideas for senior dads.
  7. Is mobility an issue for your father? You may consider purchasing a “smart” bed for your dad that’s adjustable so that he can lie in different positions and get in and out of bed with less effort. There are several companies that offer adjustable beds including the Sleep Number bed.
  8. Regarding mobility, an automatic-lift recliner chair is a great Father’s Day gift for seniors with arthritis or knee and hip pain. Be sure to check with your father’s Medicare plan about some of the cost covered through Medicare or his Medicare supplement insurance. You will need a physician to indicate a medical need for the chair as well.
  9. Is Dad hearing impaired? If so, you may get him an additional speaker for the TV. Is the TV volume too loud for others in the room or too low for your dad to hear? There are several “TV ears” or assistive listening headphones on the market to check out.
  10. Finally, if Dad’s a veteran, can you help him access the benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for which he’s eligible? If he needs assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation, medication reminders, etc. he may need in-home care. He may also need help navigating the VA system. If so, there’s a VA Pension for low-income, wartime veterans who have a non-service-connected disability that pays for the attendance of another person for activities of daily living. It’s called “Aid and Attendance.” Not sure if he’s eligible? Call Veterans Home Care about the VetAssist Program at 888-314-6075. We can help you with quality in-home care or adult daycare. We also have expertise in VA Pension eligibility and help file VA claims at no charge. If we aren’t the right solution for your father, we can put you in touch with a veteran service officer or another agency who may be able to guide you.
Janet Jennewein

Janet Jennewein

Communications Director at Veterans Home Care
As a writer and online communicator, Janet's industry experience includes home care, health care, health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and not-for-profits. She's served as a spokesperson for Veterans Home Care, SeniorsCount, Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Prudential Healthcare. Yet, her most rewarding time was spent as a caregiver to her late parents from the "greatest generation" of World War II who lived to reach their late 80s.
Janet Jennewein

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